Dodital Lake

Dodital Lake The Last Mountain

Dodital the beautiful lake, the birthplace of Ganesha and origin of Assi Ganga situated in district Uttarkashi of Uttarakhand at the elevation of 3059 mtr. The circumference of 2 km freshwater lake is covered by a dense forest of deodar and one of the sources were there found of rare Himalayan trouts. All the trek gives a tranquil surrounding, various type of flora fauna, beautiful small village, lush green meadows, jungle, serene trail, and enchanted view of Himalayan range. Trek distance of 22 km commences at Sangamchatti, just 17 km from district head Uttarkashi, and one of the easy enjoyable trek. Temple of Lord Ganesha near lake explain the story of ancient times, it believes that Ganesha born here as per legends. Dodital lake is also the origin of river Assi Ganga which joins river Bhagirathi later on.

Dodital Lake The Last Mountain

Dodital trek is one of the treks which does not require night halt gear because of the certain hamlet at a certain distance having all basic facility (accommodation and lodging). The very first hamlet situated at the distance of 6 km named Agora, having all the basic facility and next village named Bebra at the short distance of just 2 km from Agora and the last one is located at the distance of 9 km from Bebra known as Manjhi. So no worry for tent and night gears. Although many nature enthusiasts enjoy the trek by camping gears and delight their joy by night halt in a tent. The related permit can get from district headquarter Uttarkashi by normal formalities. There is a forest guest house at Dodital and one can stay here by taking the permission from forest office at district head Uttarkashi. Trek ahead leads to Darwa top which descends a little tough but gives an utmost scenic view and giant surrounding. Recommended as enjoyed by nature lover.

Dodital Lake The Last MountainCourtesy – Sushant Ale

How to Reach Dodital:
 By Air: Jollygrant Dehradun is the nearest airport and 198 km from Sangamchatti, Uttarkashi, the nearest motorable road head to Dodital. Local conveyance available from Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar and other major destination.
 By TrainHaridwar, Dehradun, and Rishikesh is the nearest Railhead. But Haridwar station is more frequent than others. Haridwar station is just 216 km from Sangamchatti, the nearest road head to Dodital.
 By Road: Uttarkashi is well connected by all major destination of Uttarakhand and Delhi. Taxi and Buses for Uttarkashi available from Delhi, Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and all other major destinations.
Delhi —- 398 km —- Uttarkashi
Haridwar —- 190 km —- Uttarkashi
Dehradun —- 144 km —- Uttarkashi
Route: Delhi Dehradun Uttarkashi Sangamchatti afterwards By
Trek: Sangamchatti Agora Bebra Dodital
Trek Distance:
Sangamchatti —- 22 km —- Dodital
(Sangamchatti —- 6 km —- Agora —- 2 km —- Bebra —- 9 km —- Manjhi —- 5
km —- Dodital)
Permission: Permission should be getting from Forest department Uttarkashi at district head Uttarkashi.
Accessibility: Throughout the year except for monsoon.
Best Time to Visit Dodital:  Throughout the year except for monsoon.
Winter is also enjoyed by most visitors due to mild snowfall as aspiration of
any nature lover.
Climate:    Summer 09°C – 23°C | Winter -4°C – 13°C